Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Magic of Colour- Kent Seas and Sky exhibition open

My exhibition The Magic of Colour - Kent seas and Sky is open at Bernie's Chocolate Bar in Margate. 2-14 High Street Margate.  Bernie's site here  Facebook page. It's been good to see friends and enjoy Bernie's hot drinks while seeing the exhibition.

Ruth was fortunately able to hang the show with me, and I am pleased with the show, which has the brightly coloured seascapes along one of the main walls in the Chocolate Bar.

The title and paintings, The Magic of Colour, were about showing something vibrant and colourful for a grey and cold January exhibition. and also my own love of colour.  The exhibition is on till the 28th of January.

The exhibition is also an affordable one, with framed and unframed prints and cards for sale.
I am pleased that the local paper have printed something about the exhibition too.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Magic of Colour, Kent Seas and Skies, Exhibition

I have been painting a new series of pictures for my exhibition at Bernie's Chocolate Bar in Margate. link to the Chocolate Bar 2-14 High Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1AT  Tel  01843 221420  facebook page here

The exhibition, The Magic of Colour, Kent Seas and Skies will be open from Saturday 2nd January from 2pm till January 28th, 2016.

As the title suggests I have been influenced by the amazing colours we get in the skies and seas here in Thanet, Kent.  A number of paintings will be on box canvases and I'll also include some framed prints of my work.

The show will be an affordable exhibition,  with cards and unframed prints too.  Let me know if you are coming to the exhibition and I'll try to meet you there. Great hot chocolates for a winter's day and the sea outside.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Mr Lion exhibition at Turner Contemporary

We, Blank Canvas,  have a second exhibition, based on the mysterious and enigmatic Mr Lion, at Turner Contemporary, on show now till the 8th of January.   Link to the website here.

  In this exhibition called Mr Lion 14, we are showing a couple of short films with a soundtrack and a series of photographs which have been printed in the polaroid style. The work in part, reflecting the fictitious relationship we created to Mr Lion.

The film is as mysterious as the character of Mr Lion, using film we shot in various locations including, Dreamland, Quex Park, Turner Contemporary and Margate seafront.

Our photographs explore what we realized was the uncatchable nature of this figure, working with shadows, reflections, movements, balloons and spheres to indicate fragments of who we thought this Mr Lion was, and what sort of life he lead.

The exhibition invites the viewer to also explore this character, using the fragments and clues we provide. We also welcome any ideas about Mr Lion generated from the exhibition to our  twitter feed here

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Venice Agendas and the Breadman at Turner Contemporary.

Tatsumi Orimoto
Not being able to get to Venice for the Biennale, I was intrigued to see that Turner Contemporary were advertising, the Venice Biennale comes to Margate. with a day called  Venice Agendas.   Crossing Borders The Right to Fail.

The day featured talks, performances, discussions and films. with a whole series of events streamed live through the Periscope App.  This is an app that works on phone and tablet primarily, so I could set it up on my pad.  Turner Contemporary were streaming a lot of events in their gallery on the day too.
This meant I could  watch Jon Adams's performance in Games with the Waterhorse, at home before I went down to the gallery in the afternoon.

 I was interested in seeing the artist Tatsumi Orimoto, who has performed all over the world, especially as 'Breadman' Strapping loaves and baguettes of bread on his face, Orimoto travels by train and bus and walks in public performing his communication art. Bread has many associations, with the body, as food, currency and with poverty, but for Orimoto its also about investigating how people respond to him.

Yesterday Orimoto took the Loop bus from Broadstairs to Margate as Bread Man, he is filmed on these performances, and at Turner Contemporary, I watched his travels on the bus before he arrived, smiling at the other passengers expressions to this strange sight.

The weather was terrible, really strong winds, so it was a struggle for Orimoto to walk to the gallery, where he also held a drawing performance, Breadman Performs Lies and signed pieces of bread for visitors.
Breadman Paints Lies

I enjoyed seeing him and watching the performances, Orimoto intrigued me, an elderly Japanese artist, who has been performing Breadman for 30 years or more across the world, he was engaging with a sense of humour and obvious love for his mother, who is also a part of his life and art.

In the downstairs gallery there were a series of lovely photographs showing Tatsumi Orimoto's performances and his mother often with bread too. I asked Orimoto if his mother knew much about his art, (she has Alzheimer's) he said not, which I thought was sad, she is in hospital while he travelled to do his performance this time. Orimoto said he is the sole carer for his mother, Art Mama, they share a traditional house in Kawasaki.

Artist Ruth Proctor also performed OK, Set, Drop at one of the exhibits in the Risk exhibition. I watched and filmed as Proctor climbed the 4metre scaffolding and dropped backwards onto a stack of cardboard boxes, with a loud bang.

Disarm (Mechanized) Pedro Reyes
I watched the Disarm(Mechanized) performance by Pedro Reyes, Reyes has for some years been transforming weapons, seized by the Mexican army from drug cartels and turning them into musical instruments. They are controlled by computers and perform in the gallery regularly.

So good to see these events, which left me with a desire to find out more about the artists, especially
 why they were doing the things they were doing.