Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Installation at Turner Contemporary Gallery Margate

Outside the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. artist Krijn de Koning has made a site specific installation. I really like the work which is called Dwelling (Margate/Folkestone)  and consists of a series of walls in different colours making room like spaces.

The second installtion is in Folkestone as part of the Folkestone Triennial, which I haven't seen yet. Folkestone Triennial website here

I like the changing views as you walk around the space, all the colours and the shadows changing the colours too. The cut outs in the walls frame views around the gallery too and a glimpse of the sea.

The work is described on the Turner Contemporary website. link here

 "Dwelling (Margate / Folkestone) has a strong sense of place, having been conceived for two different locations in Kent. Both sites have a strong connection through their coastal locations and history as popular destinations for leisure and tourism during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

What both sites have in common is an attempt at providing some sort of protection or shelter: the fake Victorian caves or grottoes on the one hand, versus the hard-edged contemporary architecture of Turner Contemporary on the other. Both sites lend themselves to this notion of a ‘dwelling’, which in turn plays with the traditional idea of seaside pavilions and beach huts, a common feature of the UK coast. "

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Broadstairs Folk Week

The annual Folk Week at Broadstairs went ahead a short while ago. Website here I really enjoy the atmosphere there on the streets. The Morris dancers were taking turns along the promenade with musicians and dancers.

One of the hobby horses dressed in tatters was being stopped by children, who enjoyed seeing him move his wooden mouth.

In the old shelters, groups of musicians were jamming together and clog dancers danced alongside.

There were craft, food and other stalls near the bandstand where the daily activities for families was taking place.

Quite a lot of us rushed for the marquees when we had a brief but heavy shower of rain.

Most of the day time performances were taking place in pubs this year, which was a bit of a shame I think. It would be good to have some in caf├ęs and perhaps in the bandstand or outside.

The Chimney Boys were playing in one of the hotel gardens later in the afternoon so I stood nearby to listen to them. Their facebook link here
The beach filled up with people during the afternoon enjoying themselves in the sunshine.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Oyster Festival at Whitstable

Whitstable's annual Oyster Festival opened last weekend with the Landing of the Oysters  and their blessing by the  Rev Simon Tillotson from St Peters Church, the seafarers church in Whitstable, which recocnizes St. James of Compostela, the patron saint of Oystermen.

Many thousands of people come to the festival which has a week long programme of events. Festival website here

The tide was in for the landing of the oysters and I was struck by how close the various boats were to the shore. I also had a sense of how lovely it must be  for all the children and youngsters in boats enjoying themselves.

After the blessing of the oysters the cart and clergy and dignitaries joined the parade through the town.  Some great paper mache heads and fish and the two giant figures along with a wonderful steam punkish  metal crustacean vehicle.

Along the harbour were hundreds of stalls, most with food and drink for all the crowds. There were the longest ques at the oyster stalls, which seems right as it was an oyster festival. 

It was very busy  and very hot, I needed to cool off in the small areas of shade  every so often.
But I enjoyed the atmosphere, the parade and seeing the landing of the oysters.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Red Ladies come to Margate

I was down at the harbour and Turner Contemporary Gallery on Friday to see The Red Ladies from Clod Ensemble. Their website here  They are part of the Summer of Colour, website here  Lots more events to see and take part in on the website.

This is an ongoing performance that takes identically dressed woman, in black raincoats, red head scarfs, red heels and red cases and puts them in various site specific perfomances.

 Their appearance reminds me of 1950's styles and there is something a little bit menacing and a little bit exciting about seeing them appear, silent and purposeful.

The Red Ladies appeared inside the gallery, up on the roof, around the harbour and on the steps.

Some also took to the sea in boats, waving from a dinghy and a sail boat as they sailed around the harbour arm.

Members of the public looked on some amused some curious. I liked the juxtaposition of the Black Riders from Poland, and the Red Ladies. The bikers were also down around the harbour.