Monday, May 02, 2016

Hilma af Klint at the Serpentine gallery

I was very pleased to be able to get to see the Hilma af Klint exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.
The exhibition is on till May 15th and definitely worth seeing. Gallery website here

I am always looking for artists who have a spiritual dimension to their work, and Hilma's work is all about that.

As it says on the Serpentine Gallery website, the "Serpentine Galleries presents exhibition  of Swedish painter Hilma  af Klint  (1862–1944), who is now regarded as  a pioneer  of abstract  art. While her paintings were not  seen publicly until  1986, her  work from  the early  20th century pre-dates the  first  purely abstract  paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich.

Klint originally painted landscapes and botanical works, but left them in favour of pursuing more abstract and symbolic works based on occult and spiritual dimensions.

She was interested in the work of Rudolf Steiner and formed a group with four other women called The Five. They conducted séances and the work in this exhibition comes from a series called The Paintings for the Temple, a commission from an entity called  Amaliel.

Surprisingly I found that a lot of her paintings had thin layers of oil paint, used almost like watercolours, with sections of the canvas showing through. Though some of the paintings are not particularly bright in colour, they have a luminosity that makes them shine.

The three large paintings in the entrance to the exhibition glow with light and colour that draws you into their world.

Klint's work is definitely work to see in the flesh, there is so much that has been taken or reflects her work in graphic design over the last 40 years which can make the work seem familiar. But in terms of presence, the paintings are much more unusual and arresting.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Seashell ecology and identification, study and beach combing.

Ruth and I spent a very interesting day on a seashell ecology and identification day. It was organised by the Wildwood Trust and lead by Anne Riddell, a great knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor.

We started off in the education centre at Wildwood where Anne talked about seashells, showed us slides and let us handle different shells.

We learnt about the development of shells from primeval times, from fossil remains to present day. How they reproduce and feed. I didn't realize how many shells were predators, attacking, killing and eating other shells.

We learnt how to identify the main groups of shells, lots of small differences.

We looked at the sort of habitats where shells live around Britain and then particularly in Thanet.
Finally we had an identification quiz. matching shells to their drawings. Which we did surprisingly well.

The real fun bit was going on to Kingsgate Bay with Anne and collecting shells from the beach.
Here Anne was a goldmine of information, telling us and other beach walkers about the shells and objects we were picking up on the beach.

It would be great to have Anne on hand for my beachcombing walks. I did though learn a lot more than I did and it will be good to use that in future.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pop up Market at the Old Kent Market

photograph from Old Kent Market website.
The Old Kent Market opened on Good Friday with a range of stalls and pop up market.
As part of Made in Margate, Ruth and I took one of the stalls in the pop up market.

Lovely old building, which was formerly a cinema, inside a London bus as a café, old red telephone box and murals inside and out.
photograph from Old Kent Market website

Good mix of stalls and food and drink and opposite the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

It was a bit quieter than expected, due to the weather, gales and rain at time!

We are back this weekend 2nd and 3rd of April.  !0 till 4.30pm. Old Kent Market on facebook

Monday, February 29, 2016

Made in Margate

I am pleased to be part of a new group, Made in Margate, that includes all sorts of creative people,   We have set up the group to share opportunities, work together on events and exhibitions and get to know other local creative people. We hope to have an events mailing list and welcome new members to join us.

Our first exhibition is part of the Big Kent Weekend and opens on Friday 11th March 6-8pm and continues on Saturday 12th and Sunday13th 12-6pm.

The exhibition will be in the Viking Gallery, Cliftonville Ave. Margate and we will be on hand to talk to people about Made in Margate and our work.

There will be a free prize draw to win pieces of art and following the popularity of adult colouring books we also have a colour and draw activity for everyone to take part in.