Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oxfam windows, Remember The Forest and the London Art Fair

My re-cycled pictures and covered boxes went into the Oxfam shop windows last week. It was rather difficult getting the work into the widows but it was good to see then finally installed. I called the exhibition Remember The Forest, connecting the word forest in Waltham forest's name, the recycling aspect of the work and the fact the paper originally came from the trees. I was happy to see the effect at night time too, when the shiny Christmas paper on the Buddha's robe shone brightly in the street lights.

I also spent a few hours at the London Art Fair in Islington, where there is a wide range of artist's work. I was reminded of my interest in Alan Davie's work, his use of symbol, pattern and colour particularly and will spend some time finding out more about him and his work.
Another artist, Su Blackwall had some beautiful art works, using books with cut out trees, buildings, figures and birds. There were lights softly glowing in some of them. Jane Edden was showing an intriguing durotran in a perspex box of windswept trees and electronics ( a recording of birdsong) I have thought about including sound, and birdsong in some of my work, so it was great to see someone do that successfully.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oxfam Windows Exhibition

These last few weeks have seen me busy working on some pictures for the Oxfam windows in Walthamstow. I had originally intended to show some local photographs, but then began working on other areas as well, triggered by the place ( a charity shop ) and recycling christmas paper.

What emerged was the symbol of the Buddha on wrapping paper of part made of wrapping paper, and a local image of the High street with wrapping paper and paint. Some images of work in progress here.
I haven't got all the written work together yet, but the issues and ideas are about the environment re-using items and objects and the Buddha and Buddhist teachings if you like being re-used here in the West. There is also something about finding beauty in what is discarded and that we use the materials of our life as part of our spiritual path.

The exhibition goes up next week, and I'll have more info on my main site.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The First Emperor exhibition and Twelfth Night

I went to the British Museum yesterday with Ruth, to see the First Emperor exhibition. I had been surprised at how booked up the exhibition had been, we had to wait a couple of months to get these tickets. It seems blockbuster exhibitions are the places to be seen to go to.
There are because of this, too many people to make looking at most of the objects in the cases easy or enjoyable. The larger terracotta figures are impressive, but there are really only a few of them. Having seen documentary films of the army of figures in China, where there are thousands, it's a little disappointing.
I did attempt to do some sketches of some of the larger figures, tracing their outline with my pen helped my seeing and appreciation of the craftsmanship and individuality of the figures. ( not easy when I was being bumped all the time by people, and a few almost pushing me over, as they were talking to other people and carrying on walking )
As it's Twelfth Night, the decorations are coming down, more attempts at photos. The tree will be out for recycling, I always miss having a tree inside after Christmas.