Friday, June 18, 2010

I Do Like To Be Beside The Lea exhibition

Waltham Forest Arts Club is showing work now at the Waterworks Nature Reserve info about the waterworks here in an exhibition called I Do Like To be beside The Lea. More info here There is a good mix of work, sculpture, including a large fascinating piece by Martin Adams, Martin's site here
Photographs,including some atmospheric photos by Paul Tucker, info about Paul's work here paintings and drawings, ceramics and textiles. The show is mixed in between the usual display about the Waterworks, the old filter beds that now make a sanctuary for birds. Perhaps surprisingly it works out pretty well.
There are other works out side including Katja's and Helen's pieces, like seaside amusements where you put your head through a hole in a picture. Katja's site here

I am showing an interactive 3D piece, Landscape by Design, made of acrylic cubes with photo images on 5 sides and a quote on the other. The photos are of landscapes in London, some from the waterworks, and other urban scenes. You can face the cubes to make different landscapes.

At the opening, the The Rose and Crown Singers (Director: Aaron Clingham) performed the premiere of "The Rival Engineers" by Eleanor Firman.