Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday 21st May

I seem to have been busy over the last couple of weeks, with plans for the taster workshops and other related business events. One was an event about copyright in relation to photographing buildings. It was a little scary hearing that we were only safe from copyright laws if we photographed flowers and animals!

Though it was said tongue in cheek, it does seem that copyright issues are getting more and more complicated. It did take me to a photography space that I hadn’t been to before that was good. The organisation that runs them is called Own It.
They seem very professional and well run events if anyone needs this sort of advice.

I have my large painting on the elements of form still on the go and I just begun a series of paintings of the zodiac signs, which will be appearing on the main site as I finish them. There will also be a new page on the main site of some of my small watercolour and crayon pieces mostly mystical trees at the moment. Later I hope to put a page of drawings from my sketch books.

Messy Business

I have been working with my water soluble crayons and pastels using the photographs of the cherry tree in the local churchyard and from my imagination.

I was partly looking to see how this medium might work in a place where I couldn’t use more messy materials, as I want to find other venues for workshops and many places are put off by the idea of an art and meditation event because of this.

I was also able to try them out at the taster workshops that Clare and I ran at the London Buddhist Centre last week. The colours are great and we only needed a tiny bit of water for dipping the pencils or pastels in, no terrible mess then.

My quest for more business advice has taken me to a workshop with Nick Williams and Barbara Winters. And a business start up event at the Excel centre. I must admit I was more in tune with the Nick Williams event there were some very good ideas, like having multiple strands to your business, and examples of those and a lot of stories of how they and others have managed to work for themselves in a way that worked for their values and beliefs.