Sunday, May 21, 2006

Messy Business

I have been working with my water soluble crayons and pastels using the photographs of the cherry tree in the local churchyard and from my imagination.

I was partly looking to see how this medium might work in a place where I couldn’t use more messy materials, as I want to find other venues for workshops and many places are put off by the idea of an art and meditation event because of this.

I was also able to try them out at the taster workshops that Clare and I ran at the London Buddhist Centre last week. The colours are great and we only needed a tiny bit of water for dipping the pencils or pastels in, no terrible mess then.

My quest for more business advice has taken me to a workshop with Nick Williams and Barbara Winters. And a business start up event at the Excel centre. I must admit I was more in tune with the Nick Williams event there were some very good ideas, like having multiple strands to your business, and examples of those and a lot of stories of how they and others have managed to work for themselves in a way that worked for their values and beliefs.

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