Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seekers Trust and Cecil Collins

Last week found me at the Seekers Trust again for a few days. I was lucky the weather was a good mix of sunshine and some showers, some mist and one thunder storm. I had time to meditate, reflect, plan, draw and paint and take photographs.

The birds were singing really loudly all day, the tiniest of birds making the most noise. The jackdaws were still in the old church tower where they had usurped the white doves a year or so ago. Sitting outside on my favourite bench that faces the setting sun, listening to the birds, the noise of traffic more like the rush of distant water, i drank in the colours and sounds.

I have been reading a book Cecil Collins meditations, poems, pages from a sketch book. from Golgonooza press.
" Contemplation is the basis of my painting in Nature I search always for the symbol"

"Art is the illusion by which we can understand Realty"

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Olympic torch relay

I went out to Stratford on Sunday to be part of the Olympic torch event. I went with a "necklace" of Tibetan flags, some hand made badges and leaflets and a larger Tibetan flag. I decided to just walk through the centre and outside, talking to anyone who was interested in what I was doing.

I took my camera to record the scenes and entertainment. It was still snowing off and on and I couldn't help but smile at the fact this was the only substantial snow we had seen this winter/spring and it just happens to co-incide with the Olympic torch raley and the protests for Tibet. Tibet being/meaning the land of the snows.