Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dawn Fires Exhibition at Atlantis Bookshop opens

Courtney and I put up our exhibition on Monday, I'd finished another painting, Land of the Dragon which went up as well. Following the intuitive and imaginative way of working that I've used for the other paintings in this series, the landscape slowly emerged. I knew it was waiting for a being of some sort of being and a red dragon seemed to be the creature needed. This landscape actually turned out to be the land of this dragon and an opening in the hillside framed with carved and incised stone became the dragons cave. A comet which was part of the sky from the outset seems to blaze a trail full of stars towards the cave, while crow watched from one of the standing stones. Was this comet heralding a further awakening of the dragon or land ?

The Atlantis Bookshop exhibition space is a small space with a lot of esoteric history, which suits the themes of the work. We've sorted a range of prints to go with the exhibition and there are cards too. So I'm hoping we have a good turn out at the private view on Friday 21st 7pm and look forward to meeting people and showing them the work.

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday 10,30 till 6pm at the Atlantis Bookshop 49a Museum street London, WC1A 1LY