Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Working with the Theme of Circles.

Inspired by the current exhibition Seeing Round Corners at Turner Contemporary , I have been exploring circles in my work. I have also been working in Blank Canvas with circles and ephemeral works like bubbles.

It is interesting to see how universal an image, form and symbol the circle is.

Bouy on the harbour in Margate.

The eclipse of the sun.
Symbolic forms.

Most of my circles have been drawings and paintings of full moons, or planets. I am drawn to the moon and its symbolism and power.

At Blank Canvas we've been using liquids to make bubbles, ink, paint and glitter and blowing mounds of bubbles, watching them move, pop and dissolve. Making prints from the bubbles and photographing them.

I like the way that the structure of the bubbles starts to look like wire sculptures and the reflections can look like crystals suspended on a framework.