Thursday, June 01, 2017

Dreamland opens for the summer season.

Dreamland on the reopening day
Dreamland has reopened after a  makeover including putting a music stage at the centre of the site .
It's been interesting seeing all the changes happening over the last 5 years. From a first look inside at a derelict site with just the old roller coaster in need of a lot of restoration, and abandoned buildings.
Dreamland with work continuing
Parts of dreamland under constuction

Seeing the plans at that stage for re launch of dreamland as a vintage theme park was exciting.
Dot Dash art installation at Dreamland.
Queuing for the first tickets for Dreamland's opening
There was hope that a lot of local artists could be involved with the project, I put my name down for a number of things, but nothing happened there was no further contact and nothing materialized unfortunately.

One of the temporary rides

Finance problems loomed and changes in ownership, and I think the great pool of local goodwill for Dreamland wasn't utilized sufficiently. But it is still here and financed for the continuation of the venture and further restoration and development.

Many day trippers were arriving from the station this half term week and at the opening Dreamland was packed.
Lots of  new landscaping has been done and the whole site looks good, reminding me of the childhood fairgrounds I visited, with out the smell of diesel!       They just need the plaster dogs and cats as prizes.

A whole series of concerts and events are planned through the year, but the site is free to enter at any other time, you pay for the rides you want. This is a much better idea than the original one of everyone having to pay to get in whether they went on the rides or not.

Dreamland website here                    

New entrance to Dreamland.