Sunday, September 03, 2006

E17 Art Trail Exhibition

I have just spent the last couple of weeks getting my work finally together for my exhibition.With my sisters help I put the work up on Friday at Woodstreet Library E17. The exhibition is a bit spread out in the library, but with a bit of negotiation about the space on the notice boards, I did manage to hang 3 of my larger photographs and a few smaller ones, along with 2 cabinets that have paintings and painted objects. I also managed to get some art cards together for sale and will hopefully get them out for sale in different places as well as on my main site soon.

I went back on Saturday to take the price list and number the works and it was good to meet a few people looking at the exhibition as they went round the Art Trail. I haven't had chance to look at other exhibitions yet, but hopefuly will this week.

I am also hoping to get a couple of pictures ready to put into the Painter Stainers open competition I see that the Mall Galleries have a summer studio clearance sale, which I might pop into when I deliver the work. I never did organize a studio clearout myself, but it would be a good idea.

Then I need to concentrate on a couple of workshops I'm running at The London Buddhist Centre,Ways of Seeing- Drawing as a Way to the Mind. They are free, as part of the regular Total Health Days the Sangha organizes. And the workhop I am leading with Amitajyoti, who has recently been ordained, at the end of September, Out of the Box. More details on my main site.