Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oxfam windows, Remember The Forest and the London Art Fair

My re-cycled pictures and covered boxes went into the Oxfam shop windows last week. It was rather difficult getting the work into the widows but it was good to see then finally installed. I called the exhibition Remember The Forest, connecting the word forest in Waltham forest's name, the recycling aspect of the work and the fact the paper originally came from the trees. I was happy to see the effect at night time too, when the shiny Christmas paper on the Buddha's robe shone brightly in the street lights.

I also spent a few hours at the London Art Fair in Islington, where there is a wide range of artist's work. I was reminded of my interest in Alan Davie's work, his use of symbol, pattern and colour particularly and will spend some time finding out more about him and his work.
Another artist, Su Blackwall had some beautiful art works, using books with cut out trees, buildings, figures and birds. There were lights softly glowing in some of them. Jane Edden was showing an intriguing durotran in a perspex box of windswept trees and electronics ( a recording of birdsong) I have thought about including sound, and birdsong in some of my work, so it was great to see someone do that successfully.

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