Thursday, June 08, 2006

Seekers trust Retreat

I've had a few days retreat at the Seekers Trust in Kent. Staying in a little single flat within their peaceful gardens. I was experimenting, using my digital recorder to record the birdsong and sounds of the place. I might be able to sort out the technology with Ruth and put a sample on here later.

Birdsong seems such an incredible thing, the variety of notes imitating sounds, texture and power, literally the volume od sound that can come from a tiny bird. The dawn chorus was rather mre muted than it would have been a few weeks earlier, but the weather was better, a bit of sunshine and blue skies.

I read some new books, meditated, did some sketches & water colours, got in touch with the more angelic realms and did some work on possible book ideas. All very positive and creative and left me very happy.

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