Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I seem to have had a busy month, mostly planning things, the first Urban Arts Retreat on Colour wisdom. This is happening on Saturday 10th March, more info on my main site, and planning for the next at the end of March.
Sorting out ideas for a body of work called ' 1000 petalled lotus ' which I hope to launch soon. This is an open event for all artists working in all mediums to respond to the theme. Initially work produced would be photographed, or videoed and sent to my website where there will be a section for the work to be seen. The idea is to eventually have 1000 pieces of work representing the 1000 petals of the lotus, and look for a suitable venue for an exhibition.

Continuing with my printmaking, I have been working on copper, trying out drypoint, and working on some designs for silkscreen. It keeps me on my toes, working in different mediums, but quite a lot of work awaiting completion.

I've also started a couple of self portraits, I haven't done any of these for a long time, so this is an interesting process, what do I see? who do I see? and what do I look like? I'll put them on here and my site when they are finished.

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