Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kinetica and Colour Wisdom

I've found a newish gallery/museum at Spitalfields, called Kinetica It's outside the old Spitalfield market, with all the new buildings that have been developed there. I think loosing a substantial part of the market, for expensive shops and eating places it is a great loss to the community, so Kinetica is a bonus.
The exhibition was Luminaries & Visionaries, coloured discs rotated and spun, an innovative and beautiful clock marked off time by illuminating symbols and plant forms. Images moved across boards of electronic lights, pendulums traced patterns of light, slowly fading away, and strange sculptural heads mouthed words like peace.

I have been increasingly drawn to artists working with colour and light and start thinking about how I can work more in this way.
Our Colour Wisdom day went very well,ideas were explored, people explored their response to colour and some lovely coloured work was produced. The practise of colour breathing went well to, giving us another way to experience colour and it's effects on the chakra system.

More pictures and comments will be on my main site soon.

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