Monday, July 16, 2007

Hampton Court Flower Show and new meditation classes

The weather held again for our visit to Hampton court flower show. The good thing about this show is that you can buy the plants there and they are a very good price. Loads of people are wandering around with box carriers on wheels, wheelbarrows and armfuls of flowers.


On the walk down from the station past Hampton court itself is a tree filled with bundles of mislettoe They are such perfect ball shapes it's hard to believe they are natural. You can see why people believed it was a special and magical plant.

There were a mixture of boats on the river, including barges and yauhts, I liked one of the narrow boats that had plants in the wheel house and on top of the roof.

I've also been busy arranging a new meditation class at the Health Works in Walthamstow. Using some of my images of water lilies for the posters and flyers. The classes start on 26th July, and I'm hoping to build up the class over the next few months.

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