Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Right Climate

I have been sitting in my exhibition space this week, in the Changing room Gallery, which is in the park behind the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow. Thanks to the help of my friends Stavarha and Julie, the exhibition looks great. It provided quite a challenge, the range and diversity of work. For this show I brought together some more political work, looking at the Iraq war, the monopoly of Tesco the arms trade, and ecology
One of the pieces is a desert army shirt from the army surplus store, which is covered with badges which I made from images of war from the First World war up to the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Other work includes photographs of the sky and clouds and local graveyard, and my Buddhist paintings. Quite a lot of people wonder at first if it is a group show, and are surprised that it is all my own work. There have been a lot of positive comments and people taking away ideas.
I'm also letting people make their own badges if they want to.
I realised putting this years exhibitions on my CV, that with the Photo month Open next month I will have had work in 9 shows/events this year, and a few more planned for next year at the moment.

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