Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Work in progress and reflections in Docklands.

I've been thinking for a while about how to put 2 layers of photographs together, revealing one layer under another. It's often a case for me of finding the right tools, perhaps using something that is usually used for another craft. I know it can be done digitally and I want to have ago at that too, but I also wanted something more tactile, some piece where you could physically see some of the image underneath as well.
This photo, is work in progress/idea for other photographic work. The top layer is a photograph of buildings in Brick Lane, and I wanted to contrast the urban scene with what would have been there many years ago, forests or trees.
I was cutting fairly random circles here to look at the effect, the greenness of the trees underneath or behind the buildings. Something about memories of the past, impermanence/change, what trees bring or create with their presence.

Walking along the old docks, near Canary Wharf, brilliant reflections in the water near dusk. One lone Coot came swimming along and climbed out to peck at the stone steps.

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