Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New exhibition at City Hall

My collaborative pieces called In Our Hands as part of the exhibition DecarbonART are up at City Hall.
I have been working with some young people on some collaborative pieces for the exhibition for some months. The theme was around climate change, the environment and the planet. We worked on 3 canvas pieces using collage and mixed media, including glitter and gems. It was a piece celebrating the animals, plants and other forms on earth, as much as noting the dangers we all face.

There were also 3 photographic prints of the teenage girls who worked or were part of the art work, holding an image of the world in their hands. The prints were mounted on wood and around each photo were names of extinct animals printed on coloured leaves.

Unfortunately we may not be getting our private view now as the exhibition was planned under Ken Livingstone, now Boris Johnson is in City Hall it seems he is not so keen on the planned exhibition, we were lucky the exhibition went ahead apparently.

Outside City Hall It was busy with visitors and the sun was shining, I took some photos with the theme tourist in mind.

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