Friday, September 19, 2008

Inspired by William Morris Exhibition

I've been invigilating at the Inspired by William Morris exhibition at the Changing room Gallery this morning. It is a great little exhibition and seems to create a mood of uplift and inquiry.

My painting, entitled" Invoking the Spirit of Morris," is an attempt to invoke in the viewer something of the spirit of William Morris as they enter the woodland landscape woven with Morris patterns and designs. I was thinking as I painted the image how might the forest or woodland appear to William Morris? The painting also recalls other visionary painters such as William Blake and Samuel Palmer.

There is some great work in the gallery, from 19 different artists, including, painting, photography, printmaking, stained glass, installations and 3D work.Martin Adams, "River of Fire" brings the ideals and struggles of the Socialist League that Morris was part of into the present day, with his installation of Morris designed wallpaper hanging, old photo and leaflets for a troops out demonstration this weekend.

Ann Fuston and Linda Green showed evokative stained glass pieces,Alison Chaplin captures the essence of the bare trees in her painting, and with Jenny L'Estrange produced the decorative borders around the walls of the gallery. In the corner is a garden full of gnomes, arising and standing on the ground, they are adorned with William Morris inspired designs and bring a smile to peoples faces. Some visiting children have to be restrained from picking them up and taking them home. I think they have all found good homes now.

Great entertainment was provided at our Inspired event by Russ Chandler, the clip here. Roger Huddle, Theresa, and Kevin Sheils.

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