Monday, June 22, 2009

Visionaries at Wallspace Gallery

I just caught the last day of the exhibition, Visionaries at the Wallspace Gallery near Liverpool Street Station, which was great because it was a really good exhibition. I am always looking for artists who work with spiritual themes, and here was a real collection of different work.
Three artists that I really like, sadly dead now, Albert Herbert and Norman Adams and Cecil Collins but lovely to see pieces of their work here. Norman Adams had his Dark Madonna, a large watercolour, more sombre than a lot of his work. Brian Whelan had a lovely little picture too.
Peter Howson had an amazingly emotionally powerful work of the crucifixtion. It was really good to have such a selection of work that spoke to the soul, and as an added bonus there was a book of some of Norman Adams work something I'd been searching for for years.

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