Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hilary Lawson and Video Painting and Bharti Kher

The Hospital Club in Covent Garden
is showing Video painting the first decade,by the Open Gallery, info here I have been interested in the idea of video painting since I first heard of it a couple of years ago. Mainly because it is one of the sorts of video work that I'd like to do.

Hearing from Hilary Lawson, who founded the Artscape project in 2001, when he shot the first video paintings, was really good. Video paintings were an attempt to move from traditional narrative in film, to free film making from constraints of editing and structure.

Hilary talked about the process of actually looking more deeply at what you see, how it is a very different way of responding to the world and to filming what you see. I had a sense of connection to my own understanding and the Buddhist perceptions of seeing.
There are a number of different screens and projections on the second floor of the Hospital Club, which seems a very interesting place itself . I particularly liked the large screen showing Lake Baikal by Sarah Turner, slow moving currents flow across the lake and mist rises and clears, though screen size itself can be seductive. More of Hilary Lawson,s work here Collections of other artists videos here

Another show, worth seeing is Inevitable undeniable necessary by Bharti Kher is at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in Piccadilly. She uses the traditional Indian bindis in a range of shapes and colours to transform objects, furniture and upstairs a range of broken mirrors. Here the bindis swirl like galaxies, waves and spirals colourful and mysterious and very seductive in some way. Info on the exhibition here
The gallery has the advantage of being next to St James with the regular market there and lunchtime concerts. The Royal Academy is also just across the road, so it makes a good day out.
I didn't have time for the Royal Academy show this time though.

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