Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zebra finches at the Barbican Curve.

I had thought the exhibition finished but was really pleased to find that Celeste Boursier- Mouge's installation at the Curve in the Barbican was still there. ( on till 23rd May) It has a flock of Zebra finches loose in the large space with a number of electric guitars that pick up the sounds made by the birds perching and walking on the strings.

Absolutely fascinating, the finches are apparently getting tamer and some settle on people and especially check out things that look like nesting material including shoe laces.
They have been nesting in the boxes put up on the walls and staff have been finding eggs they told me, they are taken back to the centre where the birds come from for hatching.

Barbican website for details of the exhibition here The sounds that are made by the finches are played through speakers, and we hear them along with the chirps the birds are making.
It is a privilege to be with the finches flying free, squabbling and nesting and feeding, going about their everyday business I suppose not at all knowing they are part of a very popular art work.

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