Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Photography, project halfway through

It's halfway through the Photographers Gallery Street Photography now picture is from Photographers Gallery Instruction 24. "Follow the money" Stephen Mc Laren.

I have managed to follow all but 2 sets of instructions. It is quite challenging keeping the instruction in mind and finding an image to fit the brief. This is the last image with others from the group I uploaded to Instruction #26
"If you're not sure it's a picture, shoot it anyway" - Carolyn Drake It is a picture of the Anarchists on the day of the TUC march and protests about the Government cuts.

I have been really enjoying the challange and the community of photographers that has grown up around the project. I am learning a lot about Street Photography and seeing some really great images.There have been many discussions on line, not least about what is Street Photography. There are plans for a possible exhibition which will be great if it comes off and there is a street photography festival coming to London in the summer. Link for the festival here

The photo above is from instruction 23 "There is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in..." from 'Anthem' by Leonard Cohen - Frederic Lezmi

Here is the link to info about the project,
you can join up any time and follow the instructions as and when you can each week.

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