Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exhibition at the Show Off Gallery Whitstable and photos of Whitstable.

I've been over to Whitstable to see friends of mine, Marcus Browne and Matthew Usmar Lauder's show. It was held in the Show Off Gallery in the town near the harbour.

A really good show of work including landscapes, fish still lives and icon type portraits and figures, some in decorated boxes.Matthew's website here

I really enjoyed seeing the work and meeting up with them, the work is also on display online.Check out Matthew's facebook page.

Walking around the harbour I took a few photographs and did a bit of beachcombing, one of my favourite activities and justifiable living near the coast now. Some of the shells and stones will be used in future projects.

I was interested to see that there were piles of oyster shells for recycling back to the oyster beds(.Whitstable is famous for its oysters)
  Apparantly it helps the young  oysters, who find the shells one of the best surfaces to attatch themselves to. And it stops the erosion of the oyster beds.

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