Sunday, October 06, 2013

Pushing Print in Margate

The annual Pushing Print Festival started Friday night with several galleries in Margate holding exhibitions. Pushing Print website here  The Pie Factory Gallery held a private view showing a wide range of entrants to the Pushing print Open.

 I really enjoyed the selection which included a wide range of techniques including Sarah Gillett's Earthquake, mono prints on torn off papers collaged on the walls.  I liked the sense  of the powerful nature of an earthquake separating objects and places and the wall paper giving a sense of walls destroyed by the elements.  Sarah's website here 

Jian Zhou's impressively large wood cut, There is a Personal Space. This is a No Smoking Area  had a sense of mystery to me. The trees and rain and circular marks evoked a type of elemental place. It was something you could look at for a long time. Jian Zhou's site here
The Pie Factory Gallery exhibition is open from Saturday 5th – Sunday 20th October. Pie Factory website here

On Saturday a road roller was in the Old Town for a giant printmaking event where a lot of families were enjoying making large prints, pressed by the road roller.

There are a series of talks and workshops running with places left, which are on the pushing print website.

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