Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birds and Insects exhibition, Andy Malone at the Beaney, Canterbury

Visiting Canterbury yesterday I spent a bit of time with friends in the Beaney, Canterbury's revamped
gallery, library and museum. The Beaney website here

In the Front Room exhibition space was work by Andy Malone. I have seen his work a few times and really like his book arts. Other websites with Andy's books include Much Ado Books

Andy Malone takes books like the Observer guides to butterflies or birds, books I remember from childhood, and cuts them up. The birds, or insects or other creatures are left at the top of the pages.

He also cuts out ciggarette cards, forming concertina books and in this exhibition he has collections of matchboxes with cut outs or actual objects in them.

One of his main pieces is a large work having 365 matchboxes, one for each day of the year, filled with cut outs or objects like a feather, or wasp or crab's claw.

They are tactile little boxes making you want to take them down and look more closely at the objects inside.

Andy Malone says on Much ado Books site that :

 "The Observer’s and Ladybird books and cigarette cards, maps and stamps that I use to make my work come from a more innocent age when I would pore over them by night and be out in the countryside looking for their contents by day."  and

"My work is a continuation of that obsession with collecting, cataloging and observing”

The exhibition is on till Sunday 13th April and there is a workshop, Museum in a Matchbox on Saturday 5th April 2014.

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