Thursday, May 08, 2014

Windmill making with artist Carlos Cortes

I spent an enjoyable afternoon in Margate's Adult Ed Centre making sections of a windmill with Carlos Cortes.

The building we were in used to be an Art College and the workshop space is one of the old drawing studios.  Carlos helped by Turner Contemporary staff had us covering long poles with coloured materials, constructing the paddles for the windmills and decorating them.

Carlos Cortes, his website here  has been holding workshops with more to come building a collection of windmills that will be installed on the 24th May on the main sands are of the beach.  He was an enthusiastic workshop leader and I liked his commitment to community involvement in his artistic life.  Carlos had been carefully finding branches to reuse from the woods near him which is something I would have been doing too.

This installation, Moving with the Wind    website here   forms part of the opening day of Turner Contemporary's Summer of Colour. There will be performances of dance and music on the beach too. I like to think families will go along with tradition windmills in their hands or on top of sandcastles.
Website for all the Summer of Colour events  here

My contributions to the windmills had a touch of Mondrian and Matisse going on. I am looking forward to some of the events planned and the next exhibition Mondrian and Colour which starts on the 24th of May.

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