Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sandwich Le Weekend

Ruth and I went over to Sandwich for their Le Weekend event.    The small station is one of those places where the platforms and surroundings have flower beds and the ticket office has books to read, just lovely.  Walking up what I think would have been the ramparts I was struck by the amount of yew trees and a lovely sense of ancient place.

 Sandwich is a picturesque town and apparently is one of the best preserved medieval  towns in England. The centre is a maze of streets with lovely buildings everywhere you look.  Sandwich was also a main Cinque Port until the river Stour silted up. Boats are still moored along the river though. Sandwich website here

It's a bit confusing though at first finding your way around, but as the town is quite small you can walk around easily. We went into St Peters Church for a brocante just as a thunder storm opened up.

Fortunately the sun came out not too long after and the stall holders were able to fix their stalls.
Down by the river Stour were vintage cars and bikes, a medieval camp and food tents.

The Barbican anf Tollbridge are well preserved buildings  and people had to pay tolls to cross the bridge till 1977.  The toll charges are still listed inside the Barbican. It's a bit of a competition with cars around there and single file along the bridge. The streets are pretty narrow of course but there is a square in front of the ancient Guildhall, where on this weekend there was a French Market, the best place for baguettes and croissant.


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