Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Red Ladies come to Margate

I was down at the harbour and Turner Contemporary Gallery on Friday to see The Red Ladies from Clod Ensemble. Their website here  They are part of the Summer of Colour, website here  Lots more events to see and take part in on the website.

This is an ongoing performance that takes identically dressed woman, in black raincoats, red head scarfs, red heels and red cases and puts them in various site specific perfomances.

 Their appearance reminds me of 1950's styles and there is something a little bit menacing and a little bit exciting about seeing them appear, silent and purposeful.

The Red Ladies appeared inside the gallery, up on the roof, around the harbour and on the steps.

Some also took to the sea in boats, waving from a dinghy and a sail boat as they sailed around the harbour arm.

Members of the public looked on some amused some curious. I liked the juxtaposition of the Black Riders from Poland, and the Red Ladies. The bikers were also down around the harbour.

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