Sunday, February 08, 2015

Souvenirs of Cliftonville exhibition by Sadie Hennessy

I went up to Resort Studios with Ruth today to see Souvenirs of Cliftonville an exhibition by Sadie Hennessy.  I'd met Sadie when we went down to the Art Car Boot fair in Folkestone last year and had bought one of her prints there. Sadie's website

   Article about the exhibition in the local paper here

This exhibition has arisen out of Sadie's residency and shows 14 commissioned portraits of local Cliftonville residents.  The portraits include found ephemera, the residents own memories and different aspects of Cliftonville.  The portraits give a sense of vintage postcards and have a celebratory feel to them which is very attractive.

The whole exhibition is styled as a souvenir shop which satisfied two of my ideals, an exhibition and a shop. The good news here is that Sadie has produced some great souvenirs to buy at really good prices. So you can purchase, soaps, badges, sweets, mugs, postcards and snow globes amongst other things.

Do go and visit the show if you can it is open on February 14th and 15th, 21st and 22nd   12 till 4pm.
Resort Studios website

Pettman Building
50 Athelstan Road
Cliftonville, Margate

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