Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Drawing with Light

I went to a very interesting workshop on Saturday at the Sidney Cooper gallery in Canterbury.

Lead by Matt Rowe we explored the idea of sketching or drawing with light using a camera with a long exposure to capture the light and movement.

We first worked with the theme of trees, using charcoal to draw tree shapes in 30seconds. Not a lot of time you realise when trying to do it.

Then it was envisioning how the drawing would work using light from torches and El wire.
I chose a magenta and green filter for the torches and a piece of blue El wire that was hung up and then moved during the long exposure.

The idea was of the trunk of the tree, drawn with the green and magenta light from the torches and with the blue as foliage on top.

It was very enjoyable and I can see possibilities for future work.

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