Sunday, November 19, 2017

Anthony Gormley Another Time, Sculpture in Margate

Another Time  is one of Anthony Gormley's solid cast iron figures that has been sited outside the Turner Contemporary Gallery. It  is a part of series of one hundred, solid cast-iron figures produced by Antony Gormley, that have been sited all around the country.

The sculpture is sited on the beach and is submerged at high tide. As the tide goes out the figure is revealed, becoming fully visible a few hours before low tide.

These figures are cast from Anthony Gormleys own body and  Antony Gormley describes these isolated forms, cast from his own body as "an attempt to bear witness to what it is like to be alive and alone in space and time"

Despite the notice not to walk out to the sculpture, many people find it irresistible and want to touch the figure of stand next to it and take photos.

I must admit I did walk out there myself, the walk along some old parts of structure on the beach is slippy with seaweed and shells!

The sculpture is here till the 30th November.
On the Turner Contemporary website you can see  Sarah Martin, head of exhibitions discussing the sculpture and a link to a TED talk where Anthony Gormley talks about his work.

I also worked digitally to place Another Time in other places in Margate.

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