Friday, January 19, 2007

Exhibition in Oxford

After seeing something about the artist Daniel Buren's exhibition at Modern Art Oxford on TV, I decided to go up to see it. Buren responded to the site, using the windows in the gallery and their proportions and siting as the basis for his work.
You walk into a space filled with 18 aluminium frames, divided into panels of alternative colours, blue, orange,pink, red and yellow. There are also panels of Buren's typical stripes, here in white. The weather was quite cloudy, but a little bit of sun did come out at one point and the gallery was full of reflected colours on the walls and floor. Some pics here

Walking round the space brought changing views of the coloured frames, reflections within reflections, like Mondrians on the walls. A spiritual feeling pervaded the gallery, which might have been heightened by it being entirely empty most of the time I was there. Lovely work, I really enjoyed the silence in the gallery and dynamic nature of the colours.
In the room next door there were aluminium frames, containing coloured panels that were set into sliding mechanisms over walls also painted with panels of colours. You were able to slide the frames along the walls to create changing compositions. Guaranteed to bring the child out in everyone.
Well it certainly brightened up a cold January day for me.

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