Friday, April 20, 2007

Retreat at the Seekers Trust

I spent a few days at the Seekers Trust in Kent on a solitary retreat recently. I usually spend some of my time taking photographs and painting as well as meditating and reading. I find it a very creative place.

The birds were just starting to build up to the dawn chorus, and there were Jackdaws in the church tower just up the lane. There were daffodils and Celandines and white and violet Violets in the woods.

I have been thinking of diary forms and artist's books still and so decided to do a small piece I've called Tracking The Sun, which is 4 small paintings, one piece of canvas folded over, showing the sun in the morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and at sunset. I did the paintings quickly, about 20mins each on the day 28th March. I also did some even quicker 5mins sketches recording moments and their time.

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