Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A few days in St Ives

Last week saw Ruth and I in St Ives. It was a mini holiday, we had been there about 8 or 9 years ago and really loved the town. Tate St Ives was on the list of visits, and fortunately there was a display of Bernard Leach's work there, as the museum of his work was closed for refurbishment.
There was some interesting work from contemporary artists in Cornwall on display in Tate St Ives I am looking at the video work more often as I walk around with my video camera.

The Barbara Hepworth museum and Sculpture garden was again a delight to see. I bought a DVD about her and Bernard Leach, lovely to see Barbara Hepworth in her recently planted garden. The cherry tree only a quarter of the size it is today. And interesting that she states quite strongly that her sculpture is for touching, and for interacting with.
How sad that we are not allowed ( officially ) to climb, lean or touch her work now, when that experience was integral to her conception of the sculptures she made.

I took quite a lot of photos some videos of the sea and water and did some drawing while I was there. I am working on my Bird Diaries. Little books perhaps, that note one of my connecting with the birds around me.