Monday, May 28, 2007

The turfing of Trafalgar Square and clouds

After hearing about Trafalgar Square going green for a few days, last week I had to go in to see for myself. It made such a difference to the space, which is normally a part of the urban space and roads.
Suddenly there was green, green grass as you looked down to the square. People were having picnics on the grass, lying down reading their books and just enjoying the difference.There was a smile on my face, something to do with seeing that change, and what a difference that little bit of turf had made. the power of that grass perhaps.

Some pics here.

Following my climate theme I have been drawing some clouds, and did a small dry point of clouds.
I also got out of the library The Cloud Spotter's Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney after it was recommended to me. I liked the amazing story of Lt-Col. William Rankin who was forced to eject from his plane and fell through a Cumulonimbus cloud. That's a really big storm cloud. He lived to tell the tale despite extreme cold at the high altitude, hail and thunder and lightning in the cloud and being tossed around by the forces in the cloud.

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