Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cy Twombly and Network of Buddhist organisations exhibition

I went to visit the Cy Twombly exhibition at Tate Modern a few days ago. Surprisingly it wasn't very busy for the opening week, but perhaps it's because he is not a household name. For me looking at a lot of the canvases I thought there was something of a dairy feel to the work. Something about recording a particular place or time with words, signs and symbols, emotion and thought.
Although some of the work was concerned with the colour white,( the symbolic whiteness of the poet Stephane mallarme ) colour was also applied by hand and fingers in other paintings, great dollops of paint, drips and smears. Underneath and on top, notation, writings that could sometimes be seen but were often hidden or undecipherable.

It's always good to leave an exhibition with the desire to make work yourself, and with the Cy Twombly exhibition I left thinking about my artists books and a book or page the same sizes as some of his canvases.

Four of my Buddhist works, including this one, Guardians of the Blue Planet, have been down to a conference organised by the Network of Buddhist Organisations and hosted by The Institute of Oriental Philosophy at Taplow Court.
It was an opportunity for artists who are also Buddhist to show their work. I am looking forward to hearing people's responses to the work.

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