Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art Swap and exhibition at August art gallery

I have some work in the August art gallery exhibition and project on the value of art. On CDOs and Double Clubs Curated by Giacomo Picca the project is looking at how we value art and what we would exchange for art. It's part of London EAST festival.

The art swap has been set up to literally swap work for something of value other than money. I am very interested in all aspects of exchange networks and am keen to find out how the swap will work. A lot of artists are taking part, it seems Giacomo's idea has struck a cord with people. To see photos of the exhibition in the gallery from Giacomo click here

He said " On CDOs and Double Clubs is a project on the value of art, Damien Hirst said that "art is only worth what someone will pay for it", whereas Joseph Beuys said that real capital is not money but people as the sum of creativity of all individuals. This is an experiment to test these ideas."

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