Monday, March 23, 2009

Roni Horn and by the Thames

There is an exhibition of Roni Horn's work at Tate Modern till 25th May, I was struck by her series of photographs of the Thames, that incorporated text as footnotes, thoughts, reflections and quotes about the river and water including things like, "The river is a drain" "Going into water is like going into yourself" " The opacity of the world dissapates in water"

Her large glass sculptures were striking, especially "Pink Tons" A large pink glass cube, the sides are translucent and top polished clear, the light is reflected around the flaws in the glass and the polished top reflects like water.

Outside the gallery the tide was out and people were beachcombing along the side of the Thames. There is access to the river at this point, so I went down and had a look myself through some of the debris washed up by the river. There were a surprising number of pieces of old clay pipes and pottery among rather a lot of modern waste, the old posts left rotting along the shore line reminded me of ancient monuments or enviromental sculptures.

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