Sunday, April 12, 2009

Albert Herbert visionary painter

I've had a couple of images by Albert Herbert in my reference collection for some years, without knowing anything about him. Recently I have been looking him up and looking at some of his paintings online.I really respond to his work, which although has biblical themes generally, seems to have an openess and spiritual vibrancy that speaks of wider connections to spirit.
The gallery England and co that represented Albert Herbert has a short bibliography including this section.
"Herbert always used stories as a way of explaining his subjective feelings. His universal narratives were drawn from a myriad of diverse sources including Biblical stories and his own life and experiences. In the late 1950s he was drawn to learn about religion, seeing it as
a way of revealing the inner world of the collective mind. In the 1980s he adopted the use of Biblical and theological subjects as a way of making his paintings less private. The surface meanings were often a mask for something else – used as metaphors, universal symbols or archetypes which could be interpreted in several different ways."
I thought I'd try to see some of his work as soon as I can.


  1. Anonymous11:19 am

    Albert was my Father in Law.Although a Catholic he was a long time practitioner of Zen meditation.He was a very humorous and funny man and a delight to be with.

    On the day of his funeral I sat in his studio and played a Tibetan singing bowl.I think he would have liked that.Edward

    1. Thanks very much Edward, it's lovely to hear a little bit more about Albert and to know he practised Zen meditation.
      It sounds as though he would have appreciated your tribute with the singing bowl. I'm sure he would have been a wonderfulman to meet.

      all good wishes Padmayogini