Sunday, June 05, 2011

Chelsea Flower Show

Last weekend was the Chelsea Flower Show, I always enjoy being surrounded by the gardens and plants. This year a lot of the gardens had a very subdued palette of colours, which wasn't helped by it being the coldest Chelsea that I've been to for some years. There had been some sunny days in the week, but on Saturday when I went the weather had turned cool and showery.

Diarmuid Gavin's pink pod flying garden (Irish Sky Garden)had been profiled in the media all week, and it was certainly rather surreal. Some visitors were having a go in the pod, with as it was hoisted into the air by a huge crane. Of course it was the crane that made it all rather unrealistic for any type of garden, but as a bit of fun it worked.

The goldfish swimming in a large glass table also qualified as rather strange or surreal in the B&Q garden. The garden also had vertical planters showing how to grow food in a small space, and a wall with all sorts of spaces and homes for insects.

I liked the Magistrates Garden, with it's bench,the word bench carved into it, structural London Plane trees and a lovely, well planted vertical green wall.

The marquee was full of great stands of plants, trees and flowers, and is always a pleasure to look round. I love the mix of perfume on the air, even though I seem to have hayfever over the last few years. One of the most amazing stands was a Thai temple and elephants, woven with flowers, from the Thai Botanical Gardens. It stood out with it's amazing colours of pink, red, blue/green and yellow.

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