Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Car Boot Fair

The annual Art Car Boot fair, info here was held off Brick Lane again on the 19th June. I always enjoy the mix of stalls and sense of a little bit of anarchy in the event. In the end Peter Blake couldn't make it apparently, but Gavin Turk, Billy Childish, Pam Hogg and taxidermist Polly Morgan, (whose tiny quail chicks on toothbrushes were in the news), were some of the artists there.

There were ques all day for the limited edition prints by more well known artists like Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin, but even at £200 were too expensive for my pocket. I bought a small sketch book with printed cover and a surprise art work (in this case a drawing on one of the pages) which I liked the idea of, by Tangent here I found some retro badges I liked and a tombola where for £1 a ticket you won photographs from The Outsideworld gallery site here

Penguin Books were selling their design your own cover books and I bought a few before a real short thundery downpour fell on us all. Now I just need the time and inspiration to design the covers. Again an idea I really liked, there are only a few titles but you can buy them from here
I suppose you could also just cover or take off the cover of any book and re-design it too.

Performance artist Jessica Voorsanger had a Star Trek inspired stall full of Tribbles, I'm not sure if she was selling many Tribbles but I appreciated her fun idea. I also liked the idea of an improvement clinic, a stall where you could take your art work to be improved.

With a free art work from You Must Undo, a printed poster with the words"good for nothing" I had my sort of bargain day out.

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