Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Paintings and exhibitions

I've been working hard on a series of new paintings for some exhibitions comimg up in the Autumn with some friends of mine. The top painting is called Landscape of Ancient Dreams. It's an acrylic on board and I'm pleased with the colours of the acrylics and the glow of all those moons!

Often in this form of painting my process is highly intuitive, I don't ask many questions of myself and just let things arrive in the picture at first. Later I will spend quite a long time just looking at the work and seeing if all the elements work together, if more aspects need to be added or changed and if the colours represent the forms. As I was painting Landscape of Ancient Dreams the moons kept "arriving" on the picture and in fact I had to leave a few out! The symbolism of Egyptian culture, Buddhism and China seemed to want to be part of the landscape, although the land itself is British.

There are the trees that usually inhabit my work and an entrance to an underground tunnel or cave which has the symbols of lotus and moon and star from ancient Egyptian tradition. The tree above the entrance is symbolic of the tree of life and holds the owl as a symbol of wisdom.

The next picture is called Elements of Earth and follows a similar pastel I did of the same subject. In this picture are references to the start of life, the large sun's rays are reaching down and some are actually touching the earth. I have this sense of indistinct shapes in the ground and others like seeds waiting to break into life.
There is a tree of life just to one side whose roots stretch deep into the earth and a spirit of birds hinting at the life in the skies and the sprit of human life.

These and other paintings( I will put on the next blog) will be showing at Fuggles Studio and Gallery near Bridport in Dorset 1st till 28th of September. info about the gallery here

Then at The Atlantis Bookshop Museum street London 17th till 29th October info about Atlantis Bookshop here

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