Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Turnaround exhibitions in Wood Street Market

The opening of Turnaround exhibitions and the other art and craft stalls seemed to go well on Saturday. At Turnaround we had great poetry and music and masks to wear.

The market was busier than I'd ever seen it,hundreds of people came along which was great to see. There was a good sense of energy and dynamism in the market that all the units seemed to be benefitting from.

Quite a number of new busineses have taken up the indoor stands including the East London Craft Guerrilla, their site here Significant Seams have a shop, workspace and exhibition space in one. Their facebook page here

The Wood Street market blog has photos from the launch day here

I hope it continues to be busy, there doesn't seem like a lot of passing trade along Wood street, though quite a lot of new housing has been and still is being built just back from the street. It is known that quirky and unusual shops and art and designer craft busineses can draw people into an area. There aree so many similar high streets that we are all on the look out for something different. There is also a growing appreciation of the hand made again, though I am still surprised by the high cost mass produced objects can fetch, compared with designer hand made products.

I wonder what has lead us to value the factory produced over the artist/craftsperson?

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