Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pancake day races, Parliamentary Pancake Race and Guildhall races.

I was out and about on Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day to see some of the capitals Pancake day races.

I had heard of the Parliamentary Pancake day races, and liked the idea of cross party teams of Lords, MPs and the parliamentary press racing against each other outside the Houses of Parliament. Rehab website here.

I was surprised that there were not as many people as I imagined watching the event, held in the small Victoria park gardens along side the Houses of Parliament. Though it is really popular with news crews and photographers. The event raises funds for Rehab which supports people with disabilities.

Natasha Kaplinsky was the official starter for the race and posed tossing her own pancakes along side the other competitors. I liked that it was a good humoured event with lots of banter between the teams which made me smile.

There were only 3 members of the Lords competing this year and the MPs won this years race.

At the Guildhall the Inter-Livery pancakes races are held, with guilds such as the Poulters who inaugerated the races, the clockmakers, furniture makers and the cutlers. Poulters company website here
The entrants wear their robes as well as hats and gloves and aprons. The gun makers start the races with a bang.

I did enjoy their races and the billowing robes of the masters and the fancy dress. There were bigger crowds to watch the races, with many cheering on their guilds.

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