Sunday, March 04, 2012

Illuminate and Royal Manuscripts at The British Library and

Friday night was one of the British Library's late evening events. It was part of their Spring festival this week and the theme was illustration. It was a good opportunity to see the Royal Manuscripts exhibition before it closed on the 13th March too. Link to the exhibition here.

There were a mix of illustrators and activities and a bar and music as well. So there was a good atmosphere. It was good to see Mary Pullen there running an Book of Hours, illuminate a letter workshop. Mary's website here We were in an E17 Art trail exhibition at the Hornbeam a couple of years ago. Mary is part of the House of Illustration. Their website here.

I enjoyed Mr Scufff's Time out for Tea and Recession Busting Tips. Website here He was also the DJ on the night. James Jarvis's Spherical Dialogues made me smile too. Jame's website here There were graphic novels, cartoons and comics as well as illustrations for books, I am drawn to graphic novels and would like to make more illustrated books in some way.

The Illuminated manuscripts were stunning in the Royal Manuscripts Exhibition, with the benefit of there being very people there, so you got to see the books very easily. The gold in the illuminations really stood out in the low light, and I had a sense of how amazing it would have been to have had one of these precious books, at a time when there were few books around.

What always fascinates me are the little creatures and beasts that are drawn in the borders of the illustrations. I made a few quick sketches in my book as I went round.

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