Sunday, March 18, 2012

Olympic site and Stratford photographs

The Olympic park is still a hive of activity with only a few months before the games. I went to Pudding mill station to walk to the View Tube and take some more photos of the site.
The viewing room at the View Tube was closed for a school class. It has been closed every time I've been along the last few times. It's a shame they didn't have a smallish platform at least that was open to the public all the time.

There is an Olympic shop on the site now, which I didn't look at. I did look at the mosaic exhibition though on display outside. There are some really beautiful and inspiring pieces and well worth seeing. The mosaics are by members of the British Mosaic Association their website here
I always think art has done one of it's jobs if I feel like making something myself in response to a piece I have seen.

The Orbit Tower had grown since I was last at this site. I still think what a lost opportunity for some thing great. I love a lot of modern and contempoary art, but Tatlins Tower was much better. The tower was recreated recently at the Royal Academy.

I was taking some photos around Stratford station too for my street photography work.

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