Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring blossoms in Bethnal Green

Walking through the Museum Gardens at Bethnal Green and along to the London Buddhist centre yesterday, I was struck at how amazing the cherry blossom trees are this year. Maybe the April showers have come at the right time after the period of dry weather we've been having.

The light in the morning is lovely too at the moment, illuminating the details of the trees and casting some long shadows. I had to keep stopping just to look a bit more closely at the trees and enjoy the blossom I was pleased I had my small camera with me to take a few shots.

May be the cherry blossoms, being so delicate and easily blown off the branches remind us of the transience of life as well as bringing delight at the clouds of colour they bring.

I can see how the Japanese have festivals, Hanami, in celebration of the Cherry blossom season. Link to cherry blossom seasons and locations in Japan and guide to the trees. I like the idea of having picnics under the trees and people just spending time appreciating the trees and blossom.

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