Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sci Fi by the sea

It feels like I've been time travelling recently, with the start of the Dickens Festival last Saturday and Sci Fi by the sea in Herne Bay on Sunday. Herne bay has a connection to Dr Who as the writer of the first few episodes, Anthony Coburn lived in Herne Bay.

It can be a bit scary when a dalek moves towards you.

An enthusiast Jason Onion discovered some of Coburn's lost scripts "They showed that the main themes of the show, commissioned by BBC head of drama Sydney Newman, were from Mr Coburn's imagination. He was known to have written the first episodes but the lost scripts showed in much more detail the background to the Doctor and his story." Read more

There were a number of Daleks and Tardis proving very popular with the visitors and some great Dr Who characters including some very tiny tots.  It was a great place for kids, though I had to smile overhearing one young boy saying " I won't be scared will I dad?" as we were waiting in the que to get in.

Cos play is proving more and more popular these days and maybe more acceptable in the main stream. I really enjoyed looking around and taking photos of some many visitors there. I even came away with a clockwork dalek.


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