Friday, June 28, 2013

Day out in Canterbury

Waiting for the parade to begin.
I went over to Canterbury this week to take some photographs of the 5th Batallion the Royal Regiment of Scotland. 5SCOTS., for the stock sites. They were parading through Canterbury for the last time in their 10 year stay.

The 5SCOTS are being reduced to a single company and will take up public duties in Scotland. I wonder how they feel about that after all their active duties. Hundreds of people lined their route to the cathedral showing their support for the men.

While I was in Canterbury I also spent some time in the lovely Westgate gardens and St Dunstan's gardens taking photos of the historic buildings that side of the city.

I also found the Masonic museum and was very interested in their regalia. I made some sketches and plan to go back to do more drawings. The symbolism is very interesting and includes the stone masons tools, some Christian imagery including the all seeing eye and stars, stones, gavels, swords and crosses.There is a good collection of Masonic items in the museum including china and glass.

A lovely old plate in the collection.

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